Made In London

Pai Is Proud To Call London Home

It’s from here that our team of sensitive skin experts work tirelessly to produce our award winning range.

We hand pick the world’s most powerful skin soothers and spend thousands of hours testing and perfecting each and every product.

Only the purest organic botanicals make the grade and we never use irritants, synthetic or otherwise.

From Conception to Creation…

The beauty industry’s best kept secret is that most skincare brands do not create their own products!

The vast majority outsource both product development and manufacture to external formulators and factories.

The result is a lot of identikit products on the market made from the same cheap base creams with a few interesting ingredients added in for each brand.

For us, that’s not the way to create products that make a real and lasting difference to sensitive skin.

Our Magic Formula?

It’s no secret. We do our homework.

We believe it all starts with great organic ingredients. If you source the very best – grown in clean soil, extracted without solvents and handled conscientiously during the manufacture process – they’ll deliver stellar skin benefits.

It’s not just about the individual ingredient though, we carefully consider how they all work in unison. And with a Pai product it’s an amazing team effort!

It takes years of extensive research, trial and error to get our formulations right – and we never stop innovating.

At Pai our expert formulation chemists constantly seek out new botanicals and test formulation ideas – both for new products but also to improve and refine existing ones.

It’s this commitment and passion to be the best that make Pai products so unique and (we like to think) so special.


Ingredients We Love


We only ever use organically sourced, CO2 extracted Rosehip oil – preserving the complete properties of this Omega 3,6,7&9 wonder plant.


German Chamomile extract is rich in Matricin & Azulene – powerful anti-inflammatories that instantly soothe sensitive skin.

Lotus water

Unique “Living Waters” deliver the vitamins, minerals and amino acids circulating within the Lotus plant to hydrate and revitalize dry and lacklustre skin.