Yes to Life: CONTENT hosts Wellbeing Workshops for fantastic cause

CONTENT, the gorgeous Marylebone apothecary, will today host one of its Wellbeing Workshops in support of the charity Yes to Life.

The events, which take place every other month, treat cancer patients to non-toxic makeovers, sessions with a naturopath, and advice from a non-toxic product expert.

Not only do the workshops encourage those with cancer to feel good about themselves, they also equip them with the advice they need to live a healthier natural lifestyle.

Each invitee also takes home a goody bag filled with organic products, and today’s star none other than Pai’s Rejuvenating Echium Eye Cream!

Yes to Life aims to help cancer sufferers access the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine. For more information about the organisation, visit

To book your Wellbeing Workshop, contact the Yes to Life office here.

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