World Psoriasis Day

Kate is Pai’s Customer Experience Team Lead, makeup artist and avid Yogi.

To mark World Psoriasis Day, Kate our Customer Experience Team Lead shares the top tips she’s discovered while managing her own Psoriasis.

Find Some Zen

“Closely linked to your emotional wellbeing, Psoriasis tends to trigger during emotional stress, shock or grief. I’ve suffered from this skin condition on my scalp since I was about 16 (around the time of my exams!).

Since then it’s been on and off, but a couple of years ago I went through a big emotional upheaval and that really set it off. It covered the back of my scalp and was very itchy and flaky.

Trying to control your emotions and stress levels are easier said than done; sometimes it’s only when our skin flares up that we realise we’re stressed!

I find yoga really helps to calm my mind. For that hour I just concentrate on the poses and forget about my day and thoughts.

Body cream for psoriasis

Soothe and Hydrate

Dealing with tricky skin can lead to some inventive new uses for your favourite products. I’ve always loved our Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream, but I now use it most on…my scalp!

Once or twice a week I part my hair and apply the Cream directly onto patches of Psoriasis. I go to sleep with a hat on and wash it out in the morning.

It can look a bit silly, but it brings so much relief. As soon as the Cream touches my scalp it instantly cools and the itching stops. It’s my life-saver!

To rinse it out, I use Hope’s Relief shampoo and conditioner, which can be found in our stockists Whole Foods and As Nature Intended. It’s the only shampoo I’ve tried that leaves my hair feeling soft and without making my scalp tight or dry.

keep psoriasis cool

Keep Cool

We all love a hot shower or bath when the temperature drops – but this is one of the easiest ways to aggravate Psoriasis. Another tip that I’ve found really helpful is sticking to warm water and avoiding long soaks.

Psoriasis can leave skin very dry (especially if you have it on your scalp, like me), so keep hair washing to a minimum to prevent stripping the scalp of natural protective oils.”

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