Why you should use a Cuticle Balm

For most of us, looking after our hands usually doesn’t involve much more than applying a decent Hand Cream every once in a while and picking a pretty shade of polish.

However for truly healthy hands, a little cuticle care is required too.

The cuticle is the thick layer of skin around the base of the nail. Its job is to protect the nail from bacteria, but its tough structure means that if left uncared for, it can easily become dry and damaged.

Dry cuticles grow up the nail rather than sitting neatly at the base, and can break off around the sides to cause pesky hangnails.

To keep them as soft and healthy-looking as possible, regularly condition cuticles with a buttery balm.

The Limited Edition Sea Buckthorn Cuticle Balm in our new Sea Buckthorn Hand & Nail Collection is rich in Pro-Vitamin A and rare Omega 7 – nutrients that help intensively nourish the skin and promote repair and regeneration.

Massage into cuticles once a day, and follow with Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream for hydrating, healthy and happy hands all year round.

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