Why I choose organic: Sadie Macleod

For our third organic september guest post I caught up with the glowing Sadie, founder of Hip & Healthy to find out why she chooses organics.

Why do you choose organic?

I get asked this question a lot. Sometimes by people who are considering going organic too, and also by people who don’t necessarily believe in organic skincare. But my answer is always the same – because they work and they are not just better for my skin but for my entire body too!

What does an organic lifestyle mean to you?

I switched to organic skincare during my university days and have never looked back. The synthetics used in lots of skincare products, much of the time, are not necessary, and in fact have worse effects further down the line. I have honestly seen the most remarkable results from natural, organic skincare and I also enjoy using it so much more knowing that it doesn’t have any nasties.

Do you have any tips for people who are thinking of switching to organic?

If you are thinking about giving your skincare products a bit of an organic makeover, I’d say start with the big products that you use a lot first; body lotion, moisturiser and hair care.

By just changing these three items you are already well on your way to going completely organic but without having to start over completely.

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