Why I choose organic: Madeleine Shaw


For our final Organic September guest post I’ve quizzed nutritionist and organic guru Madeleine Shaw on why she makes the decision to eat organic food and use organic products.

Why do you choose organic? 

I eat organic food every single day. It fuels my body with clean energy enabling me to live every day like it was the last.

I am equally careful about what I put on my skin. Your skin is your largest organ – I think it should be thought of as a second mouth, I want to be nourishing it with pure, organic products as well.

What does an organic lifestyle mean for you? 

Everything. For me, happiness and health are directly linked, when I’m healthy, I feel happy.

An organic lifestyle is my passion and my career – one of the most important things for me is to inspire others to choose better.

What advice would you give to people who want to switch to organic?

Do it slowly and only replace when they’re empty. I think it’s important to do some good research before you buy new or replacement products – there’s loads of information out there. That way you can save money on great multi-taskers, like Pai’s Rosehip Oil or coconut oil, which is a bathroom and kitchen staple in my house!

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