Why do I get red bumps after shaving?

Summer is here, which means our legs are finally emerging from their safe houses (tights and trousers!)

The downside? The tiresome task of hair removal begins again…

Of course, we’ve a range of options. Epilation is popular, but also pretty time consuming – plus there’s the bother of kitting yourself out with the right machine.

Waxing treats us to summer-ready legs (and regrowth is pleasingly slow), but it can irritate sensitive skin.

This leaves shaving. Shaving is easy, cheap and accessible, right?

True, but this method does come with a downside. Anyone who shaves their legs or underarms will be familiar with the red bumps that can pop up and stay post shaving.

You know – the ones that completely undermine our attempts at achieving perfectly smooth skin – and are unsightly and annoying!

So, here’s the big question: how do you get rid of them for good?

Prep the skin

The majority of bumps we see appearing on our legs and underarms are ingrown hairs.

So getting your skin in tip-top condition before shaving is half the battle!

It’s a good idea to body brush with a dry muslin cloth, mitt or loofah before stepping into the shower, this process sloughs away dead skin cells and is great for shifting toxins too.

After showering, follow with a rich moisturiser – our Comfrey Calendula Body Cream treats parched skin to a serious dose of hydration. Apply daily to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

Change your razor

The beauty oracle, Sali Hughes recommends switching your razor after just five uses to keep it at its best (hands up anyone who has a three-month-old razor in their shower..!).

Unsurprisingly, the quality of your razor can make a huge difference. As soon as the blade becomes ever so slightly blunt it drags – rather than glides – across the skin.

A dull blade can cause irritation, as well as a not-so-close shave – something that’s particularly common when shaving underarms.

Steer clear of irritant-laden shaving foams and try using a dollop of conditioner – a surprisingly good shave cream, or even a scoop of coconut oil as recommended by No More Dirty Looks.

Hydrate & repair

Shaving leaves your skin in need of replenishment. Post shaving, it’s often tempting to slather on moisturiser immediately – especially if you’re in a rush!

But to avoid any irritation, it’s best to leave about 20-40 minutes before application.

For legs that are primed to perfection, we love adding a couple of drops of Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil to our super-hydrating moisturiser.

Providing a powerful conditioning treatment, Rosehip Oil gives your skin’s natural repair function a real boost – while conditioning the skin.

An added bonus is its ability to fade any old nicks from shaving or uneven skin tone across the legs – a summer beauty must-have!

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