What’s that smell?

Despite the name, the most common varieties of Rosehip used in skin care have little in common with their pretty floral relatives – and this includes their scent.

Many people buy Rosehip Oil expecting it to smell of roses, when in fact this wonderful hedgerow shrub is much more herbacious and earthy. It can be a bit of a surprise!

Smells herbacious and earthy

What our Rosehip Oil smells like

There’s absolutely no added fragrance in our Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. Its organic aroma comes from our complete extraction method.

We extract Oil from the fruit and seed of the hip using CO2 extraction, which gives us the freshest, most concentrated form of Rosehip Oil. This means we also keep the natural scent of the plant.

We think it smells a bit like cold tea, but some customers have suggested it smells like hay or straw, autumnal leaves – even a little like cider!

Rosehip plant

What your Rosehip Oil shouldn’t smell like

Although not strong, our different perceptions of smell can make the scent a bit divisive; particularly if you’ve never used a high quality Rosehip Oil before.

Whether you love the scent of Rosehip Oil (like most of us at Pai HQ) or you’re not so sure, it doesn’t linger. When applied to the skin, the scent quickly dissipates.

However your Rosehip Oil should never smell rancid or sour on the nose (the way that old butter can).

Rosehip oil drops

Another tip…

If you’re unsure whether what you’re smelling is normal, another clue to the freshness of your Rosehip is its colour.

A good Rosehip Oil should be a vibrant orange, which signposts the presence of lots of skin-protecting carotenoids. Paler hues are an indication that your oil may have oxidised.

To keep your Oil fresh as long as possible, keep it in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and avoid leaving unsealed for prolonged periods of time.

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