What to do while you’re masking

Masks are the perfect excuse to take 10 (or 20!) minutes to yourself. Here’s what some of the Pai team get up to after applying their Mask.

I find it’s the perfect amount of time to do random things like file my nails, watch Friends, read a bit of my book – even pack if I’m doing a mask before I go away.”

– Kate, Customer Experience Assistant

I use an app called Calm that has lots of different meditation sessions of different lengths (from 2 to 20 minutes)…or I watch the runaway part of RuPaul’s Drag Race!”

– Amel, Graphic Designer


I usually have a bath. I find using a Mask after a shower or during a bath helps to open up my pores and let the actives work a bit deeper into my skin.”

– Emma, Trade Marketing Manager

If I’m feeling high brow, I watch a TED talk. If not, I’ll listen to The Sunday Times Style’s PanDolly Podcast. They’re both the perfect length and remind me to wash my Mask off after 10 minutes.”

– Flo, PR Manager

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