What is Oil Pulling?

Now I know that the path to great skin can lead you to some pretty strange places, but even I screwed my face up when I first heard about Oil Pulling!

This more unusual detox method has become more popular recently, particularly among London’s health and beauty gurus, so I wanted to find out more…

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for everything from asthma to acne.

The process itself involves “pulling” a tablespoon of cold-pressed, organic vegetable oil through your teeth and around your mouth for 15-20mins.

Eventually, the oil you spit out should resemble a watery, milky substance. If the oil is clear, or your mouth feels oily, then you haven’t ‘pulled’ for long enough.

What kind of oil should I use?

You can use any organic, cold-pressed, unrefined vegetable oil. The most commonly recommended ones are sesame, coconut and castor oil. 

What does it do?

Oil pulling is primarily used to improve oral health, particularly issues conditions such as gingivitis, plaque build up and sensitivity. 

However, Dr Bruce Fife, who has written a book on Oil Pulling, argues that the health of the mouth is linked to the health of your whole body.

Oil pulling proponents claim that the process detoxifies the body – and can reduce the appearance of rashes, blemishes and acne, as the oils ‘draws out’ toxins and bad bacteria in your mouth which can impact on health more generally.

Other health benefits include improved gum health, whiter teeth, better immunity and a clearer complexion.

Jasmine Hemsley (one half of Hemsley & Hemsley) swears by oil pulling and says:

I feel the benefits in my mouth and general well being, plus my teeth feel like I’ve just been to the dentist after I give them a brush.”

Will you be giving oil pulling a go? Or is this a beauty step too far for you?


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