What are dark circles & how can you get rid of them?

For a long time we weren’t quite sure why dark circles occurred, with potential causes ranging from smoking, a lack of Vitamin K, a lack of iron (anaemia) and lack of sleep.

While all these and more (including allergies, age and menstruation) may well ring true, dermatologists now think that dark circles arise as a result of a process similar to that that causes bruises.

The tiny capillaries that line the skin leak blood from time to time, which changes colour from red to a bluish/purple as it degrades.

This process probably happens all over the body, but as the skin around the eye area (periorbital) is the thinnest on the face, the results are much more noticeable.

The key to improving their appearance is embracing ingredients that strengthen the skin – like Echium, Rosehip and Calendula, which are all proven to promote cell regeneration.

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