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If you’re a subscriber to vegan beauty discovery box, Petit Vour, you may have spotted our Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil in October’s delivery.

We spoke to Petit Vour’s co-founder, Madeline Alcott, about the vegan lifestyle and how to find the very best in vegan beauty.

How did Petit Vour come to be?

Petit Vour came to life after years of sifting through brands in an attempt to find vegan products that performed spectacularly.

I realised I had valuable information to share, but also wanted to make the trial phase as painless as possible for those accustomed to conventional products.

A monthly beauty box seemed liked the perfect way to share the most impressive discoveries; not too much of an investment for subscribers and allows them to try curated goodies adored by our beauty-obsessed team.

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Was the change to a vegan lifestyle gradual or sudden?  

Gradual, definitely!

The seeds were planted when my brother gave me a Leaping Bunny Shopping Guide in high school.

My interest then really piqued during a philosophy class. We discussed the food industry, animal testing and animal welfare. I couldn’t unlearn what I’d come to realise.

I made a promise to myself that I would work towards becoming a more compassionate human and, to me, that meant one day having a vegan lifestyle.

It took a few years! I eased myself off meat, then seafood and lastly butter. Fortunately, vegan butter is (now) fabulous!

Did you find switching your diet or beauty routine the easiest?

I think having any diet that differs from tradition will raise some eyebrows in social situations. That really fades with time though.

Switching to a vegan beauty routine does have its challenges though, especially if you want high-performance products.

Fortunately, green beauty options are now plentiful and it’s easy to find product reviews – so you can become a savvy vegan shopper in a snap. The beauty swap is probably a breezier transition.

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Do you think it’s becoming easier to buy great vegan products?

Yes, totally! Brands are moving forward so quickly and it has this amazing rippling effect. Customers often don’t realise the power of their dollar, but every dollar spent is incredibly impactful.

I love that the online communities are growing and people are speaking up about social issues and ingredient concerns. They also provide valuable feedback to brands, which allows them to tweak and perfect in a fairly short amount of time.

Of course, buying from a vegan shop or brand is the simplest way to ensure a product is vegan. It’s also useful to learn the most frequently used animal-derived ingredients and sift through each label.


Which beauty products are essentials in your routine?

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil – It feels so luxurious on my skin and absorbs very quickly. I apply morning and evening after cleansing.

AXIOLOGY Lipstick – I love all of the dramatic, edgy shades. They make me feel more balanced since I tend to dress conservatively for work.

Juice Beauty PHYTOPIGMENTS Perfecting Concealer – Pair a fabulous concealer with Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil and you’ll look positively radiant.

What’s next for Petit Vour?

Beautiful, creative content! There’s a lot of knowledge to share about clean, vegan beauty. We’re working to provide purposeful guides, in-depth product exploration and much more to our growing audience.

It’s important for me (and my team) to remember that there are new cruelty-free shoppers every day and it’s up to us to make their transition as amazing as possible.

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