Top tips for killer legs

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare. Entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul.

After seeing Jennifer Lopez’s great pins splashed all over the web yesterday I thought it was high time I sorted mine out.

Cold weather, central heating and hiding underneath all those layers can leave legs feeling scaly, tight, and let’s face it, a little furry!

But with the weather looking up and the weekend’s parties approaching, here are my top DIY tips for dusting off those winter legs and unleashing perfect pins.

1. Exfoliating

For super shiny legs, it’s essential to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells and make way for the fresher ones underneath.

To exfoliate organically at home, mix up a fine oatmeal and Manuka honey blend. Massage this onto dry skin, leave for 10 minutes, and rinse off with warm water. Not only will this reveal smoother more vibrant legs, but the active ingredients in the honey also have great moisturising and regenerative properties.

2. Hair Removal

Shaving, waxing, sugaring, threading…who’s to say which is best?Well, for us sensitive-skin sufferers shaving can be a nightmare as the abrasive action aggravates the skin and causes rashes.

In general waxing is even worse, as the pulling action and high temperature of the wax can leave skin red and dry.

One relatively unknown alternative is sugaring. The process itself is similar to that of waxing, however, as the sugar is applied lukewarm it is far less damaging.

Unlike waxing which can remove live cells, sugaring only strips away the upper dead skin cells. Plus, as real sugaring is made from all-natural ingredients (sugar, lemon juice and water), it’s 100% organic!

3. Moisturising

Dry skin is caused when skin cells are shed too quickly, resulting in an excess of dull, lifeless surface cells. Moisturising is essential for that glowing look, as it prevents this shedding process leaving skin conditioned and supple.

For the best results, use an organic body cream such as our intensely hydrating Comfrey & Calendula Body Cream, which is high in essential fatty acids. These acids not only promote the regeneration of lost skin cells, but also lock moisture in so your legs will feel smoother for longer.

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