The rise of organics: Exciting news from the Soil Association report

News just in – the new Soil Association report on the rise of organic sales makes for really encouraging reading!

There has been a growth in sales of organic health and beauty products since 2010.

A big increase of 17% from 2012 – 2013 was looking promising, but the newest stats reveal that sales rose another 20% from 2013-2014, reaching £44.6m.

Overseas they’re proving pretty popular too; export revenue of UK companies offering organic health and beauty products topped £10m for the first time.

It doesn’t stop there; demand for organic beauty has been reflected in an increased turnover for five of the top ten certificated licensees who supply the ingredients to make these UK products.

UK Organic Market 2014

We’ve always been proud to be so strongly affiliated with the Soil Association.

They apply the strictest guidelines in their vetting process of all the companies that they endorse.

In order for a product to qualify as organic, it must contain 70% minimum certified organic ingredients and the remaining ingredients must be 100% naturally derived.

What’s selling Organic beauty products?

I’ve previously shared findings on why organic really is better for you (read this post if you need a refresher!)

Interestingly, the latest Soil Association report identifies consumer education as a key influencer behind the success of prominent organic brands.

It goes further, specifically citing Pai as one the companies that provide a lot of skincare information alongside their products.

At Pai, it’s always our aim to be completely transparent. I know only too well the challenges of coping with difficult skin, so it’s great to know that sharing our knowledge is proving beneficial in more ways than one!

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