The most common skincare questions – answered!

To celebrate the launch of our extended customer service hours and live chat facility, Kirsti and Helen, our in-house skin care experts are answering your most common questions…


1. Can I use Rosehip Oil twice a day?

Our Rosehip Oil is super concentrated due to the expertly sourced and formulated ingredients plus unique CO2 supercritical extraction methods.

This means that a little goes a long way and application of just 1-3 drops of the oil in the evening to cleansed, toned skin will be more than sufficient to reap the wonderful benefits of this oil.


2. Why do you only suggest cleansing in the evening? Won’t it cause my skin to become more congested?

The skin is one of the most sophisticated organs of the body and we believe that by keeping your routine as simple as possible will allow your skin to function as naturally and efficiently as possible.

Too much intervention can often ‘confuse’ the skin’s natural rhythm to repair and restore sometimes producing too much or too little sebum or disrupting the skin’s precious acid mantle.

Cleansing away make-up, impurities and congestion from the day will leave the skin clear to restore and regenerate optimally overnight.

By not overloading the skin with too many products in the evening will leave your skin fresh and balanced enough to require only a simple spritz of skin tonic followed by Day Cream in the morning.


3. Which products should I use to treat my Rosacea prone skin?

There are various types of Rosacea and generally our Instant Calm range will be most suitable but from time to time other products in the range may help too.

Why not get in touch with one of our skincare experts who will be able to recommend specific products for your unique concerns.


4. My skin is dry in some areas and oily in others, how do I know which moisturiser to use?

Good question! Finding the perfect moisturiser is really tricky and even when you think you’ve nailed it something like the weather will come along and knock it off balance again.

The key is to listen into your skin’s needs at that time adapting your routine and especially your moisturiser accordingly.

A good moisture match will soothe, comfort and protect sensitive skin throughout the day without causing breakouts or dehydration.

For combination skin we would recommend trying our lightest moisturiser – the Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream, initially and complementing this with a hydrating Cleanser, Facial Oil in the evening plus a Mask and Exfoliator at least once a week.

If you find this isn’t right for your skin then speak to one of our skin care experts and they can recommend the perfect product match for your specific concerns. 


 5. I am pregnant, which products can I use?

The following Pai products are free from Essential Oils and are suitable for use throughout your entire pregnancy:

Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System

Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

All Pai products, which contain essential oils, have minimal concentration added to the ingredients and are safe to use during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

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6. When should I use a serum?

We have two Serums which are targeted treatments aimed at treating specific concerns.

For example, the Copaiba & Zinc Serum for blemish-prone skin and the Sea Aster & Wild Oat Serum for hyper-sensitive skin.

We found best results when the serum was applied 3-4 consecutive nights after cleansing and toning then left to penetrate without any further product.

They can be used as a treatment when the skin needs the active ingredients to calm or repair the concerns or as a daily maintenance treatment to keep concerns at bay. For example, as a localised spot treatment under moisturiser.


Helen’s top tip:

It’s easy to understand why those with sensitive skin might avoid exfoliating, but our Kukui and Jojoba Brightening Exfoliator can be used on the most delicate complexions. This ultra-gentle formula polishes the skin, leaving a healthy glow in its wake.”



Kirsti’s top tip:

Cleansing is an essential building block of any skincare routine regardless of type or concerns.

Getting it wrong can lead to dryness, over-secretion of the oil glands, congestion and even breakouts.

Our Camellia & Rose Hydrating Cleanser has been formulated to effectively dissolve impurities and make-up keeping your skin free from congestion, perfectly clean, hydrated and balanced.”

Still have a burning question? Get in touch by email, phone or use our brand new live chat service over on the site!

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