The lowdown on Ectoine

Our Age Confidence Cream has had a bit of a boost last year. One of the new ingredients we’ve added is Ectoine. It’s a skin marvel we’ve wanted to use for a long time and now we finally have.

So, if you’re wondering just what makes Ectoine a wonder skin ingredient, then read on.

Scientists surprisingly discovered Ectoine in an Egyptian desert in 1985. It’s a substance that protects small microorganisms growing in some of the earth’s most hostile and severe environments, such as salt lakes and deserts.

Ectoine is an amino acid known as an ‘Extremolyte’. Extremolytes are natural stress protection molecules that microorganisms and plants produce to help counter stresses like dryness and extreme temperature changes in their habitats.

Ectoine’s self-defence and survival substance is a natural moisture binder. When it binds with water on the skin it helps to restructure the cell membrane. This is highly effective at protecting our skin cells from UV damage, fluctuating temperatures and pollution, as well as helping prevent early signs of skin damage.

Studies show that Ectoine also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help calm skin inflammations. It protects against allergens too and can help soothe skin that’s prone to redness and sensitivity.

It’s also thought to increase the effect of the skin’s barrier which can help lock in moisture for longer.

We’ve included Ectoine in our new formulation to help boost the skin’s hydration, elasticity and surface structure and help keep skin looking plump and smooth.

We’d love to know what you think of our new formula.

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