The 5 skin resolutions you should make today

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare. Entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul.

Forget about quitting twelve food groups and becoming a professional athlete – I’m all about totally achievable resolutions this year.

That said, the New Year is a great time to tweak your skincare routine and create good habits for the year ahead.

So here are the five resolutions you should make today for healthier, happier, more radiant skin in 2015! 

1. Less is more, more or less…

Sensitive and unpredictable skin is easily thrown off balance, so chopping and changing products or simply using too many products can be a recipe for disaster.

Varying formulas or ingredients can impact your skin’s delicate oil and pH levels – if either of these becomes imbalanced it can lead to breakouts or irritated, reaction-prone skin.

Keep your routine simple, using only the products you need. Using two Cleansers and three Toners may be ok for some people, but if your skin is tricky, try and keep it straightforward, using only the essentials.

Not sure what these are? Drop our team of skin experts an email on, they can help put together a tailor-made routine for you.

2. Cleanse, properly!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, cleansing is the most important thing you can do for your skin. So many skin issues can be solved, or hugely improved by proper cleansing.

But forget the foaming detergent-based cleansers and step away from the face wipes! Stick to a gentle, detergent and alcohol-free Cream Cleanser; use it with a Muslin Cloth and warm water. I promise you’ll notice a difference.

Organic Cleanser for sensitive skin

3. Look after your hands

Most of us, myself included, sorely neglect our hands. Think about what they go through every day – the hot water, soap, washing dishes and cold wind, it’s enough to make me reach for my Hand Cream immediately!

Get into the habit of applying Hand Cream after you wash your hands or a couple of times a day, and you’ll be thankful for your supple, soft hands in the future.

4. Take an EFA supplement

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are the building blocks of healthy skin, and most of us can do with a little help in getting enough to guarantee glowing, calm and supple skin.

EFAs are powerful anti-inflammatories and can also help balance hormones, making them a must have for anyone suffering from blemishes, hormonal acne, urticaria or eczema.

Buy the best that you can afford – fish oils are ideal, but flax and hemp oils are good options for veggies or vegans.

sleeping cat

5. Get eight hours shut eye

As the busy working Mum of a toddler, I know that this is a tall order! But sleep is so important – it’s when our bodies repair, restore and reboot.

A poor night’s sleep or a lack of sleep, affects more than just your under-eye are, it impacts your skin, immune system and concentration, with possible long-term health effects.

Try heading to bed an hour earlier or removing your phone, iPad or TV from your room – the bright light can interrupt our sleep hormones.

A good night’s sleep will leave you clear-headed, bright skinned and calmer, ready to face the day, and the year ahead!

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