Summer’s here, but do you dare to bare?

This weekend’s set to be a scorcher, but if you’re anything like me then you might not feel quite ready to flash some flesh!

Boost your skin confidence this summer by following our top three body beautiful tips.

1.    Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.
Every month our body produces a whole new layer of skin. If we don’t remove the outer layer, dead cells can build up on the surface and leave skin looking dull, grey and lifeless.

Unleash luminous limbs by exfoliating once a week. Avoid exfoliators with uneven grains, as these can scratch skin cells and aggravate sensitivities.

For best results, invest in a high quality loofah or exfoliating mitt.

2.    Bare-faced beauty

Heavy make-up in summer looks out of place and isn’t great for the skin.

Heat opens the pores, allowing a mixture of sweat and make-up to sink down and clog them up. Blocked pores = spots.

Get that summer glow without the bronzer by treating your skin to doses of Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate oil. This luxurious serum is packed full of skin-loving nutrients that revitalise and brighten the complexion. *Remember, Rosehip oil is best applied in the evenings.*

If you’re not prepared to go fully nude, opt for a lighter mineral make-up which also contains natural SPF.

3.    Maintain Moisture

Hydrated skin is radiant skin.

Increase your summer shine from the inside out by drinking plenty of water and increasing your intake of Essential Fatty Acids (that’s Omegas 3, 6 & 9).

Too much sun can dry and distress the skin. Restore it back to full health by moisturising regularly with a soothing and nourishing cream like Pai’s Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream.

Hope you all enjoy the glorious weather x

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