Summer Holiday Skin Hazards

The great British summer is in full swing, and for lots of us that means jetting off to sunnier climes!

Holidays are the time of year you want to feel most confident about your skin – and don’t need anything standing between you and your short shorts and bare-faced glow!

To help keep skin looking its best, I’ve put together a list of common holiday ‘hazards’ and top tips to avoid them.

On the plane

The recycled, cooled and additive filled air on planes is a nightmare for all skin types.

The extremely low humidity dries out skin and exacerbates conditions like eczema – so always use a rich Body Cream before you board.

I’ve said it before but I really do swear by our BioAffinity Tonics inflight.

They’re perfect for popping in your hand luggage and the light hydration is amazing for preventing skin jet lag.

On the beach

The combination of sand, sun and salty sea can cause even the most well behaved skins to flare up.

While sea salt is great for Psoriasis, the itchy and sticky film it leaves on the skin can be a real nightmare for Eczema sufferers.

The irritants in Sun Cream can also be an issue, and lots of people often mistake a reaction for prickly heat.

If you can, rinse your skin after a dip in the sea under a beachside shower, and always remember to stay out of the sun at the hottest hours of the day – if your shadow is shorter than you then head for the shade.

If you do over-do it, reach for the super-soothing SOS combination of Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream and a couple of drops of Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. Your skin will be all healed in no time.

At the bar

While we all know it’s not great for us, holidays usually mean a few more drinks than normal (Sangria anyone?).

Avoid a holiday hangover by keeping hydrated throughout the day, and alternating drinks with a glass of water in the evening.

Alcohol can also make the skin feel itchy and dry, as it causes blood vessels and capillaries to rapidly expand, so apply a soothing moisturiser before bed to help alleviate any signs on your skin the next day.

If you are off somewhere lovely soon, enjoy your break!

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