Sober October

We might avoid alcohol in our skincare, but a little teetotalism has its own benefits as Sophie, Office Manager at Pai HQ, has found while taking part in Sober October:

The last few months have seen endless summer weddings and milestone birthdays, and I thought I might just benefit from a month of total alcohol ‘detox’.

I don’t tolerate alcohol like I used to and the resulting hangovers and cravings for fried food weren’t a great sign!

We’re still in the early days of October, but I can already notice the difference in my skin and energy levels.

My skin looks brighter, less dehydrated and my tired under eye bags are starting to diminish.

I’m getting 8 hours of quality, undisturbed sleep and waking up with an abundance of energy and a clear head!”

Alcohol can exacerbate skin flare ups, causing blood vessels and capillaries to rapidly expand which can cause skin to feel itchy.

The diuretic effect can also leave your complexion looking dehydrated and a bit dull.

That said, we’re big fans of balance and plenty of us at Pai enjoy a responsible tipple now and then – and it might even do us some good.

The resveratrol in red wine in particular boasts some impressive health benefits, as researchers have suggested moderate intake may prevent age-related memory decline and certain cancers.

However red wine is a particularly notorious trigger for Rosacea so, if you’re suffering from this condition, you may want to opt for a distilled spirit (such as vodka or gin) which contains less sugar than wine and beer.

Add soda water and a squeeze of lime for some added vitamin C or try one of our favourite ‘healthier’ cocktails.

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