Slip: stylish pillowcases for the ultimate beauty sleep

Fiona Stewart, the CEO & Co-Founder of the luxury silk pillowcase brand Slip™

We’ve teamed up with Slip for an exclusive beauty sleep giveaway.

We’ve asked Fiona Stewart to share her thoughts on beauty sleep, Slip’s skincare benefits and her own sensitive skin story:

What was the inspiration behind Slip™?

I worked in the film industry as a publicist for just under 20 years. In 2003, I had Cystic Acne and my Dermatologist put me on a very strong acne medicine. My side effects were extremely unpleasant – I suffered from hair loss and very dry and very sensitive skin.

On top of that, I was waking up with sleep creases that were still there an hour or so after being awake. I went back to my dermatologist and asked what I could do, as the side effects were so unpleasant. He recommended drinking more water, staying out of the harsh Australian sun and sleeping on a silk pillowcase – I searched everywhere for one! Unable to find one, Justin (my partner) and I sourced the best silk we could find and wrapped it around my pillow. The results were dramatic and immediate… we couldn’t believe that no one was making a silk pillowcase as a beauty product and if I needed it, so did everyone else. Slip™ was born out of a genuine need for a silk pillowcase to ease my side effects.

Justin Dubois, my partner and the Managing Director, is the driving force behind Slip’s quality and production standards. Slip™ is the original silk pillowcase to be marketed as a beauty product. Slipsilk™ is specially commissioned and made to our exacting standards, developed and refined over ten years to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability. Slipsilk™ has been scientifically tested and shown to significantly reduce friction and absorb significantly less face cream from your skin.

What products does Slip provide, and why are they so special?

We are the original silk pillowcase with hair and skin benefits. We make Slip™ Pure Silk Pillowcases which are our hero products -born out of a personal need for my skin problems. We also introduced gorgeous pure silk sleep masks, travel sets and we have just launched Slipsilk™ scrunchies which are more gentle on your hair than regular hairbands!

They’re extremely luxurious, how did you go about designing them?

My partner Justin and I designed all of the packaging and the product together many years ago. We both have advertising and marketing backgrounds so of course, we were going to do it ourselves!

We’ve heard that Slip products absorb less nighttime skincare. How does that work?

Slipsilk™ fibers are significantly less absorbent than other fibers such as cotton – so they are less likely to steal your face cream during the night! In laboratory testing, Slipsilk™ was shown to absorb significantly less face cream compared to widely available cotton pillowcases*.

We know you’ve got lots of famous admirers. Who are your VIP fans?

We have had lots of celebrities purchase from us over the years, but we never kiss and tell!

What are the skin benefits of sleeping with Slip products?

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so looking after your skin when you sleep is important. Sleeping on Slip™ is recommended by dermatologists, hairstylists AND beauty experts!

As skin ages, it loses elasticity, and sleep creases – which are caused by friction and pressure on facial skin – can become more pronounced and longer-lasting. While the creases usually go away later that day, they can be gradually ‘ironed in’ over the years.

Sleeping on silk is a great expert beauty tip and a long-time beauty secret. In laboratory tests, Slipsilk™ was shown to reduce friction or drag on delicate skin by 43% on average, versus cotton pillowcases,* resulting in a smooth, luxurious surface that helps skin to glide along the pillow. All this adds up to good news for beauty sleep – your delicate facial skin with thank you!

Friction can also contribute to bedhead! Choose Slipsilk™ to reduce friction, especially when you have a blow-out. The world’s most renowned hairstylists have long recommended sleeping on gentle, hair-friendly silk to help preserve your blow out.

What’s planned for the future?

We have a lot of exciting things happening this year… watch this space!

Fi xx


*Compared to widely available cotton pillowcases with 220-360 thread count.

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