Skincare routines for Earth Signs

We sat down with the Earth, Fire, Water and Air signs here at Pai HQ to discover the best daily routines to suit each of their elemental signs. Here are a few things we learned along the way…

Earth signs are practical, disciplined and results-driven. So their skincare routine needs to deliver.

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Preparation is the key to success right? Right, so start the day by prepping skin with a BioAffinity Tonic before applying a hard-working targeted Serum. Follow with a nourishing Day Cream and you’re out the door, Keepcup in hand.


This is where you really take your time. After cleansing (at least once, thorough is your thing), treat skin to a Rapid Radiance Rosehip face mask. Once removed, spritz face with a BioAffinity Tonic. Gently massage a few drops of Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil into skin, followed with a little Echium & Argan Calming Eye Cream. Then it’s alarm set, eye mask on and earplugs in.

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