Skin test determines healthy lifestyle

An intriguing story has recently emerged about the very real effects of a healthy lifestyle on the skin.

Scientists at the University of Berlin have developed a skin test that can reveal whether a person has adopted a healthier diet or stopped smoking within minutes.

It works by projecting light onto the skin, and ‘reading’ patterns in the light that is scattered back.

Prof. Lademann, of the Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergy, hopes that showing people the visible effects of their lifestyle will encourage them to adopt healthier habits. Doing so improves the results of the skin test within just 2-3 days.

To ensure you get top marks, take a look at your diet, sleeping pattern and say goodbye to vices such as smoking and excessive drinking.

Its creators claim the test works by measuring the body’s concentration of antioxidants, so increase your intake of dark chocolate, dried fruits and beans – all of which are rich in skin-protecting goodness.

What with this and the five-a-day tan, soon we’ll be able to ditch our makeup routine altogether…

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Sarah is the founder of Pai Skincare, an organic skin care line for sensitive skin.

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