My skin has chilled out – how do I keep it that way?

Understanding the cause of flare ups and getting your skin under control can be a long and difficult process.

But what about when your skin becomes more ‘normal’ – how do you keep it that way?

Our Customer Experience experts Kirsti and Kate offer their top tips to keep your skin on the path to calm.


Keep the balance

Getting your skin back into balance is half the battle won! Using a simple routine, free from detergents and drying alcohols can help to keep it that way.

Our skin changes all the time so keep your routine simple and watch out for any changes. Avoid overloading your skin as this can confuse it all over again.

– Kate

Maintain the balance; adding just one or two drops of a nourishing facial oil to your routine (rather than changing moisturisers or brands) will give your skin the boost it needs every now and again.

– Kirsti mask_group2

Use extras wisely

When your skin feels less reactive, it can be tempting to start experimenting with new products.

Introducing a few skincare extras can help to keep skin bright and clear, but deploy them wisely!

Spots appeared after a late night? Apply our Blemish Serum for a few days and try to get some early nights – it’ll sort your skin out quickly before the problem escalates.

Give your skin a deeper exfoliation with our Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator or Copaiba AHA Mask once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells. It’ll help to boost circulation so skin looks bright and healthy.

Once or twice a week treat your skin with a mask. Either using our Rosehip Mask after exfoliating to soften and repair or our Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask to help draw out impurities.

– Kirsti

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Keep it clean

We’re not talking over-cleansing, but keeping everything that comes into contact with your skin relatively clean and free from irritants can really help to avoid future flare-ups.

Change your pillowcase regularly. I have 2 pillows so I flip the top one over after the first use, then change to my bottom pillow and then flip that before I wash them.

– Kate

Clean your make-up brushes regularly and avoid using makeup once open for longer than 6 weeks for a mascara and 3-6 months for other makeup.

– Kirsti

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