Should you & your family be taking Vitamin D supplements?

Following our 2010 Vitamin D deficiency blog, health professionals reinforce their guidelines on supplements for under 5s and some adults.

Last week the BBC reported that medical staff in the UK will be re-briefed on the importance of Vitamin D & Vitamin D supplements.

A rise in Vitamin D deficiency related illnesses such as Rickets has exposed the lack of public & professional awareness as to its health benefits.

While Government guidelines do recommend under 5s, pregnant & breastfeeding women and over 65s take a Vitamin D supplement, it is not as widely promoted as say, taking an Omega supplement.

The issue of Vitamin D deficiency is one that I myself blogged about a couple of years ago, in particular relation to skin health.

Our main source of Vitamin D is sunlight, something many women are almost constantly blocking out by wearing a daily SPF.

To find out more about the benefits of Vitamin D for you & your skin, read here.

BBC article: Experts review Vitamin D advice

How do you feel about Vitamin D? Is it something you make sure you’re topped up on, or do you see it as yet another thing you’ll forget to take?!

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