Sex & The City’s Cynthia Nixon speaks out about Rosacea

With the pressure on celebrities to have picture-perfect skin as intense as it is, it was so refreshing to see Cynthia Nixon speak out about her Rosacea last week.

Like many women, Cynthia did not start to experience problem skin until her early 40s, when she broke out in angry red spots across her face.

First mistaking them for acne, Cynthia attacked them with harsh, astringent products that only made the problem worse, and it was not until she eventually saw a dermatologist that she realised she had actually developed Rosacea.

While it is a skin condition that is rarely talked about, Rosacea is thought to affect 1 in 10 women in Europe.

Cynthia has teamed up with the American National Rosecea Society to help raise awareness, and to support other women with the stress and anxiety that problem skin in adulthood can cause.

For more advice on how to manage Rosacea, see my previous blog post.

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