Sarah’s thoughts on Psoriasis

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare. Entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul.

I was encouraged to read about Joan Juliet Buck’s battle with psoriasis in the Sunday Times Style this weekend.

Kim Kardashian has also helped to bring this much-misunderstood condition to the fore in recent months but it still needs more air time. Joan’s experiences were life-changing and impairing. Sadly her story is all too familiar.

Psoriasis is a baffling beast of a condition and one we are approached about most often. It is a regular topic we give coaching on via our free consultation service. One of our skin coaches is a long sufferer of it – so provides a very empathetic ear!

Psoriasis is hereditary, auto-immune and so closely linked to our emotions. Sudden emotional trauma often triggers it for the first time – and stress (in whatever form) can be a recurring factor in subsequent flare-ups.  It then becomes a vicious cycle because flare-ups cause such discomfort, anxiety and sense of powerlessness.

All this means topical products are rarely the solution but are just one piece of the puzzle.

In Juliet’s case trying many different things now means it is hard for her to identify which ended up being her salvation. In reality, it may have been a combination of them all.

She references detergents – she cut out Cocamidopropyl betaine – which is a personal pet hate and something I’m often clambering on my soapbox about (pardon the pun).  The term ‘detergents’ I mean in its broadest sense. Both common ‘surfactants’ in skincare, especially face and body cleansing products – think sulfates and betaines.  Our Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser is of course 100% detergent free.

But also washing detergents. This post is one of our most read.  We have managed to eliminate mild eczema in some young children purely by getting parents to ditch them.

If you are struggling to manage your Psoriasis then let us help you to take control. You can book a phone consultation via our website – they are 30 minutes and completely free. The objective of them? To put you back in the driving seat.  

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