The Petit Pai Story

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare. Entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul.

It’s already been a week since the launch of our new sub-range for children and babies, Petit Pai.

The feedback so far has been incredible and I wanted to share a little more about how the products came to be.

Petit Pai has been a long time coming. We first conceived the concept and name over three years ago – and I’ve had two babies in that time!

We have our customers to thank for the idea. Often experiencing sensitive skin themselves, many were finding their children had inherited sensitivities too – as is so often the case with inflammatory skin conditions.

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The parents contacting us were often very distressed at seeing their children in discomfort and desperate for something to ‘fix’ their child’s skin as quickly as possible.

While I was always very sympathetic, I think it was only when I had my own babies that I truly understood that feeling of helplessness.

When my eldest son developed eczema, it took me back 15 years to my own skin difficulties – but it feels ten times worse when it’s your own child and the desire to find an answer is overwhelming!

Petit Pai

So, our mission was to formulate products that were finely tuned to the needs of infant skin to set the early foundations for strong and happy skin.

Petit Pai is so much more though than the sum of its product parts! It is a philosophy and a practical support network for parents thanks to our dedicated customer service team, masterfully led by Kirsti, a Mum of three!

Do you have questions about caring for your child’s skin? Join me for my Facebook Live video Q&A from 1.30 GMT on Thursday 14th July.

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