Pepper and Spice Hot Chocolate Recipe from Hemsley + Hemsley

To celebrate Bonfire Night – one of our favourite nights of the year, the fabulous HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY have created an amazing, super-healthy hot chocolate especially for us – enjoy!

HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY is Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley. They’re a London based family business for people who want to live healthier and more energised lives, making whole, organic, nutrient filled, delicious homemade foods, free of grain, gluten, high starch and refined sugar.
Their first cookbook ‘The Art of Eating Well’ will be published Summer 2014.

A bonfire night hot chocolate, pepped up with plenty of spices. We all like a bit of spice in life to stimulate the senses but we rarely stop to think about just how beneficial they are on a nutrient level. Herbs and spices have different qualities but in general they boost metabolism, promote satiety and have anti-inflammatory properties – improving not only our skin but our all round health.

They contain vitamins and minerals and being dried, are a concentrated source of antioxidants – protecting our cells from the effects of free radicals produced by environmental exposures, including bonfire smoke and chargrilled food!

We like to include herbs and spices in every meal, choosing organic or naturally grown wherever possible to avoid chemical pesticides and fertilisers. You’ll always find a packet of Mixed spice in our cupboards -a brilliant blend of our favourite pudding spices; cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves with cassia, caraway and fennel for an extra depth of flavour.

All of these help to ‘sweeten’ our hot chocolate without having to rely on an excess of added sugars. We like to crank up the heat with white pepper and give the hot choc an extra health kick with maca – a superfood that boosts your immune system, mood and energy levels, whilst adding a butterscotch flavour to the mix.

Coconut milk makes it creamy and a touch of pure maple syrup counters the natural bitterness of the cocoa. This smooth chocolate lingers and tingles on your taste-buds –  so rich, delicious AND nutritious, a small mug is all you need.

Pepper and Spice Hot Chocolate

makes 2 -3 portions

1 can of full fat coconut milk (we like Amaizin)

1.5 tsp Maca (we love Naturya)

1.5 tsp Mixed spice  (Hambledon/Crazy Jack/Waitrose all do organic)

½ tsp white pepper

1.5 tsp Vanilla extract (Nielsen Massey is great)

3 tbs of cacao powder (we like Choc Chick)

2.5 tbs pure maple syrup

pinch of sea salt approx 1/8th tsp

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