Seven Top Tips for the Party Season Skin

Rich food, alcohol and late nights can play havoc on our complexions.

Here are seven tips to keep you looking your best during the festive party season:

1 Skin needs to be conditioned from the inside as well as out. Oily fish, nuts and flaxseed oil are all good sources of omega 3 & 6, which keep skin supple.
1 Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to kick-start your immune system. Apricots and avocados are both great skin foods.
1 Drink plenty of water to rehydrate the skin! Hot water and a slice of lemon will detox and decongest your complexion.
1 Go easy on the make-up, heavy foundations and concealer can look cakey on tired out skin.
1 Catch-up on some shut-eye. Sleep boosts the immune system and is the time your skin gets to regenerate.
1 Keep your Pai in the fridge. Applying a cool Organic Moisturiser will reduce pores and bring a natural glow to your cheeks.
1 Use our Echium Eye Cream. Echium is a wonder plant that reduces the appearance of fine lines. Apply cold to reduce puffiness.


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