Pai products now certified by Cruelty Free International

Following on from yesterday’s Animal Testing expose, I’m delighted to announce that at Pai we are bucking this big brand trend and steadfastly sticking to our principles.

All Pai products have this week been awarded Leaping Bunny status by Cruelty Free International! 

The Leaping Bunny logo, present on all Pai packaging, guarantees that both our i) finished products and ii) raw materials are never tested on animals.

While we’ve only recently been awarded this status, we have always operated a strict no-animal-testing policy.

Attaining accreditation is no mean feat, as it requires a huge amount of due diligence on each and every one of our ingredient suppliers to ensure they comply with Cruelty Free International’s guidelines.

This is something we have been working on for over a year, so we’re delighted to have been accepted and proud to bear such a statement industry kitemark.


While cosmetic brands can claim to be ‘against animal testing’ without certification, this is no guarantee that their ingredient suppliers operate the same policy if they’re outside Europe.

The only hard and fast way to be sure of a company’s no-animal-testing-policy is for them to carry the Leaping Bunny logo.

Similar loopholes of course apply to organic certification, something I am forever lamenting. Plenty of companies make organic marketing claims but sadly don’t stand up to scrutiny. More labelling regulation please!

In a bid to help you navigate the animal testing minefield, I’ll be putting together a few posts this week outlining current regulations and exposing common loopholes big brands exploit.


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