The best healthy pancake recipes

Happy Shrove Tuesday! I love today – I’m a sucker for any opportunity to indulge in sweet treats!

Despite this, reality bites: traditional recipes aren’t the best option for satisfying sweet tooth cravings whilst staying kind to skin.

Created with a shedload of white flour and refined sugar, pancakes and their tasty toppings sometimes aren’t the best option for unpredictable skin.

Tonight I’ll be serving up pancakes that boast great taste plus real benefits to the body.

Here’s a round up of my skin-friendly favourites:

  1. Go guilt-free with Gluten Banana Bread Pancakes, by My New Roots. These are rich, nutty, and moist due to the banana holding everything together. Grated dark chocolate is the optional (but amazing) garnish.
  2. Treat your whole body to Tess Ward’s Banana and Chia Seed Protein Pancakes. Sugar and gluten free, this recipe is particularly virtuous. Packed with protein, it’s perfect for a post-gym recovery fix too.
  3. Last year, my pick of the pancakes was a recipe by Deliciously Ella. This one’s now an established Sunday morning favourite in my household!

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