Our exclusive guided meditation with Nadia Narain

The skin and mind are inextrictably link – have a tough day and the first place it will show is your skin.

At Pai, we understand the negative effects stress can have on unpredictable skin and know that minimising it is the first step to happy, healthy skin.

To celebrate the launch of our new Treatment Masks, we’ve teamed up with amazing yoga teacher Nadia Narain to create an exclusive guided meditation.

Nadia is one of the UK’s best-loved yoga and meditation teachers. A regular fixture on the pages of Red, i-D and Vogue, she’s renowned for her mindful approach to wellbeing.

Try following Nadia’s meditataion whilst using our brand new Masks, to restore your skin and relax your mind. You can listen to Nadia’s recording here.

Here are some of Nadia top tips to getting started…

  1. Find a comfortable position, either sitting cross-legged or on a chair.
  2. Close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly in and out, trying to lengthen your exhales.
  3. Focus on any areas where you are holding tension, perhaps your jaw or your stomach and allow them to loosen.
  4. Try to relax the area between your eyebrows, feeling your face soften.
  5. Don’t fixate on noises around you, or thoughts running through your mind – acknowledge them, then allow them to pass.
  6. Aim to maintain this slow breathing and gentle focus for around ten minutes, then begin to move your fingers and toes before opening your eyes.

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