It’s Organic Beauty Week!

This Organic September, make sure you #LookForTheLogo.

At Pai, we believe choosing organic where possible is the best choice for the environment, our health and sensitive skin.

Opting for organic beauty is one of the easiest daily changes you can make but finding truly organic products can be a much trickier process!

Organic beauty is still not regulated by law, meaning unscrupulous brands may label their product as ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ even if there trace amounts of organic ingredients inside.

The simplest way to make sure what you’re buying is as natural and high quality as it claims to be is to choose a product that has been independently certified by a respected organic organisation.


The Soil Association is the UK’s largest organisation that regulates organic farming – and their logo is easy shorthand for determining if an “organic” product really is organic.

All products carrying the Soil Association logo must be 100% natural and at least 70% of (non-water) ingredients must be organically grown and harvested.

Don’t forget! There’s two more logos to look out for on your favourite Pai products – find out what they mean here.

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