No More Dirty Looks peek inside my makeup bag!

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare. Entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul – trying to find time to practice more of what she preaches…

I’m honoured to have had my makeup bag featured into by the brilliant natural beauty site, No More Dirty Looks!

Here’s the makeup ‘snoop’ in full – I’d love to hear some of your product suggestions in the comments!

Name: Sarah Brown

Age: 38

Home: Chiswick, West London (UK)

My relationship with make-up: My relationship with make-up has varied a lot over the years. 

In my late teens I never wore more than a slick of mascara — it wasn’t until I developed a skin allergy that I started relying on more heavy duty products!

I developed Urticaria out of the blue in my mid-twenties and then suffered with adult acne on top.

My skin was rashy, unpredictable, hard to manage and upsetting to live with.

I’d always hide behind a full face of foundation and concealer.

A decade on, my skin is calm and under control, so make-up is much more about enhancing rather than masking — a nice position to be in.

I still have to be careful about what I use, checking ingredients lists on make-up products is second nature to me now!

Bismuth Oxychloride is one to avoid if you have sensitive skin as is Methylisothiazolinone (MI).

I only ever wear a full face of makeup if I have a TV interview or photo shoot.

Otherwise I like to keep things simple (and speedy), relying on a few trusted and hardworking staples.

Skin: I have never got on with liquid foundations and prefer to allow my skin to breathe.

If I have a bit of redness or a persistent blemish, I use a bit of my RMS Uncover in 11.

It gives good coverage without being too heavy. I also use a mineral powder from Lily Lolo (not pictured) which is best applied with a Kubuki brush.

Eyes: I’ve yet to find a natural eye shadow with the same staying power as this MAC one.

I apply it to my lash line with a small flat brush, a great tip I picked up from a make-up artist who said to me “No hard lines Sarah. Blend, blend, blend!”

I’m still on the look out for a natural mascara — I’ve heard the Ilia one is good, but would welcome any recommendations!

I’ve tried loads on the market with fairly dismal panda eye results.

I also carry our Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream in my makeup bag — it’s a godsend for tired eyes and a brilliant base for under-eye concealer, something I need with a one year old son!

Cheeks: I really like Lily Lolo products and use their Mineral Blush in Surfer Girl — it gives a nice glow and brightens the complexion.

Lips: I love Ilia’s In My Room — it has great staying power and is a perfect pinky nude.

I don’t suit dark shades of lipstick at all. So wish I did!

Scent: I’m very sensitive to fragrance but I love the smell of this Pacifica Persian Rose perfume.

I rub it onto my clothes rather than directly on my skin to minimise irritation.

I love getting little wafts of it throughout the day.

Plus, it’s the perfect size for carrying around.

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