New research on the health risks of Phthalates

There’s been quite a bit of controversy regarding the safety of Phthalates for a while, but this week a landmark study by the World Health Organisation has linked them to a host of serious health concerns.

To recap – Phthalates are a synthetic chemical commonly found in cosmetics and many other household items, notably those made of plastic.

They are used to improve the consistency of beauty products, and to fix fragrance – which means, worryingly – they may often be hidden on Ingredients Lists under the term ‘parfum’.

The WHO’s report states that their research has given them ‘reason to suspect’

Phthalates may harm female fertility and trigger childhood illnesses like leukaemia.

The tests on animals also showed ‘very strong evidence’

that Phthalates interfere with the thyroid hormones responsible for a number of core bodily functions, including brain development.

The report is so far the most comprehensive of its kind, and has led to a suggested ban on the chemicals concerned in order to protect future generations.

At Pai we have always taken a precautionary approach to Phthalates and have never used them in our products.

What do you think? Will you be avoiding Phthalates from now on?

Read the full report on Mail Online.

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