Natural Beauty Awards 2013

Our Facebook fans amongst you will know that April saw the crowning of our first Natural Beauty.

To us, a Natural Beauty is someone who exudes confidence at every age and inspires other women to do the same.

We gathered together a shortlist of iconic Natural Beauties from a focus group.

The nominees were:

–       Kate Winslet

–       Judi Dench

–       Joanna Lumley

–       Chalize Theron

–       Helena Chistensen

–       Naomi Watts

–       Catherine Zeta-Jones

–       Nigella Lawson

–       Jane Seymour

–       Kim Cattrall

–       Helen Mirren

And, after a week of voting you crowned the gorgeous Chalize Theron our winner!

Is Charlize your Natural Beauty of 2013?

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