My Salicylate-Free diet, avoiding the foods that make me itch

Shopping ListIt’s been a while since I talked about Salicylates (two years to be precise! Could salicylate sensitivity be causing your skin allergy?) but nevertheless I have been conscious of their effects on my skin.

During the Winter hibernation months I’ve been a little lax about my diet and have definitely noticed my Urticaria worsen as a result.

So, in a bid to get it back under control I’ve officially embarked on a 30-day Salicylate Free Diet.

While I’d like to report it’s going swimmingly, it’s not…not at all!

You see Salicylates are a protein found naturally in a vast array of foods. Sufferers of auto-immune conditions, such as Chronic Urticaria, can have immunological responses to Salicylate proteins.

For me that response manifests itself as intense hives – raised red bumps that spread rapidly and are extremely itchy.

However I’m finding that avoiding Salicylates altogether isn’t as easy as you might first think, because they seem to be in absolutely everything!

They’re not tied to any particular food group, and are in loads of the healthy foods I love, including: strawberries, blueberries, avocados, tomatoes, cucumber, almonds….and also some of the less healthy, including wine!
(For a more comprehensive list, vist

I’ll keep you updated as to how I’m getting on and whether all this effort is making a difference to my skin.

People sensitive to Salicylates may also be sensitive to amines (another food protein) but one exclusion diet at a time, or I’ll be subsisting on cabbage and maple syrup alone!

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