‘Misleading’ Sanex Zero% shower gel ad banned

I’m sure many of you will have seen the Sanex Zero% television advertisement – you know the one where naked women are smearing luminous substances onto their bodies before applying a lovely ‘natural’ looking gel to their skin?

The voiceover says,

‘We put so many different chemical ingredients onto our skin.’

‘New Sanex Zero% contains just the ingredients we need for clean, healthy skin. Sanex Zero%. Keep skin healthy.’

Well as of last week the Advertising Standards Agency have deemed this ad ‘misleading’, with the implication that the shower gel in question contains no man-made chemical ingredients when in fact it does.

As a result, it has been banned in its current form and will have to be made more transparent if it is to re-appear on our screens.

Any thoughts? Did you find the ad misleading, in an attempt by Sanex to appear more natural then they really are?

Read a news report in full here.

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