Are you making these cleansing mistakes?

We’re probably all guilty of the odd face wipe, quick rinse under the shower or going to bed with makeup on…even though we know the benefits of proper cleansing.

But when you do take the time to cleanse your face, are you doing it properly? We’ve rounded up five of the most common mistakes when it comes to cleansing:

The water is too hot

Falling at the first hurdle?

Washing your face with hot water can damage the capillaries and strip away the skin’s natural oils, leaving skin prone to redness and dryness.

Take it down a notch and use tepid to warm water. Dampen a muslin cloth, wring and gently press against your skin for a few seconds to help break down makeup and dirt, before wiping away your cleanser.

You haven’t found the right cleanser

Everyone’s skin is different, but harsh ingredients often found in cleansers can be the culprit for a variety of skin woes.

That ‘squeaky clean’ feeling is a sign your skin’s protective oils have been washed away thanks to sulphates or drying alcohols.

Our Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser uses a trio of nourishing organic oils to leave skin impeccably clean but never stripped or feeling tight.

Product overload

Opting for a double cleanse? Don’t be tempted to throw too many products at your skin.

Foaming cleansers and makeup removers often contain sulphates, alcohols and synthetic fragrances that can leave skin tight and irritated – even if you follow them with a gentle cleanser. 

Use a smaller amount of your regular cleanser again for a second cleanse or use coconut oil to breakdown eye makeup before you cleanse.

Need for speed

Although you may be tired at the end of the day and itching to climb into bed, make sure you don’t rush your cleanse as you run out of energy.

Fight the urge to cheat and use a face wipe – your skin will thank you later!

Why not spend a few extra seconds massaging your face as you cleanse? As we carry a lot of stress in our face and jaw, hitting these pressure points can help release some tension.

Aggressive exfoliating

Exfoliating too frequently or with irregularly shaped scrubs can irritate and tear skin, so avoid two-in-one daily exfoliating washes.

Once or twice a week should be plenty. Use an exfoliating product made with natural spherical beads rather than fruit stones or a gentle fruit acid like those in our Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask.

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