Makeup -vs- Sensitive Skin. Your Burning Qs

The best thing about Instagram – aside of course from hours spent racking up holiday inspiration – is hearing your feedback and questions. And when it comes to the tricky topic of makeup, you guys had a whole lot of questions for us.

There has always been a love hate relationship between us sensitive-skinned-souls and makeup. We instinctively want to reach for it when our faces are flaring up, but then the ingredients inside can so often be irritating, that things get worse.

There are ways around this though. From choosing natural products to careful and kind makeup removal techniques, our sensitive skin specialists have got the answers to your burning questions…

What makes makeup tricky for sensitive skin?

There are certain ingredients in mainstream makeup that can aggravate sensitive skin. Talc, PEGs, Silicones, Polymers, Stabilizers and Mineral Oil are toxic ingredients and can make the skin itchy and uncomfortable. Avoid ingredients such as: Bismuth Oxychloride – a by-product of lead, copper and tin and is often found in mineral makeup, Fragrance – a big one for sensitive skin, Silicones which are used to hold colour in place on the skin and will give it some waterproofing properties. Even though they give a smooth texture they act like cling film on the skin. Synthetic colours which are derived from petroleum and suspected to be human carcinogens and skin irritants. Go for natural and organic where you can to avoid these ingredients.

What makeup brands might be best for sensitive skin?

We always suggest these brilliant brands; Inika, RMS, Lily Lolo and Vapour.

How can you be as gentle as possible while removing eye makeup with a Cleansing Oil?

Make sure eyes are firmly closed when gently massaging cleansing oil over the eyelids and across the lash line.

Are makeup wipes okay once in a while?

For so many reasons, no. Not only do they contain irritants which can aggravate sensitive skin but they’re also not effective at lifting-off dirt and bacteria, increasing the chance of breakouts. And don’t even get us started on their environmental impact…

How do you know if you’ve taken SPF off properly?

If using our Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil, once you’ve rinsed it off, skin should feel soft without any tackiness.

Can I use the Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil to wash my skin without makeup?

Yes – it gently dissolves dirt, excess oil and surface debris leaving the skin feeling clean and nourished.

Will rubbing my eyes with this oil to remove makeup me more prone to wrinkles?

Quite the opposite! The oil provides slip so there is no wrinkle-inducing tugging on the skin.

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