Who made your skincare? Meet Patricia…

We think it’s good to know #whomadeyourskincare. This is Patricia, our Production Assistant, who ensures our award-winning formulas actually make it into their bottles and tubes!

What does your job involve?

I’m part of the team who actually make the products – from mixing to weighing and bottling; I get to see the whole process through from raw ingredients to popping the cap onto your Cleanser!

How did you get into your job?

I used to work in an arts and crafts studio that I loved, but unfortunately working with potent solvents and resins day in, day out, left my skin irritated and sensitive.

I wanted to carry on working with my hands but in a more environmentally conscious setting. The ethos of Pai really appealed to me and I’ve been here for a very happy seven months!

What’s your favourite Pai product?

I have a very simple skincare routine and I love the Rosehip BioRenerate Oil. It’s a one-stop products to glowing, healthy skin.


p.s. Patricia is also our in-house illustrator, responsible for decorating the walls of Pai HQ with her beautiful doodles!

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