L’Oreal ads banned for ‘misleading’ airbrushing

News emerged this week that mega-buck beauty campaigns starring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington are to be banned in the UK.

After receiving a flood of complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has deemed the excessive airbrushing in the Lancome and Maybelline ads ‘misleading’.

The L’Oreal-owned brands defended their cover ups by claiming that eliminating crows feet, erasing dark circles, and tightening the skin were accurate representations of the benefits of the products. Yeah right!

No one can deny that Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington are exceptionally beautiful women, so why the need to airbrush them so heavily?

Perhaps because they actually look their age (43 and 42 respectively), and ageing gracefully does not sell millions of pounds worth of products!

Of course it’s not just the more mature celebs undergoing such extreme retouching, but every cover star no matter how youthful.

This airbrushing debate follows in the footsteps of the controversial Size 0 debate, proving that society is rebelling against the images of unattainable perfection imposed upon us everyday.

What do you think? Are we ready for a natural, real and honest beauty revolution?

And if the ASA are finally starting to clamp down on misleading beauty campaigns, how about they turn their attention to some of the ‘natural’ products advertised on the box at the moment, that really take the biscuit!  No prizes for guessing who….

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