Life Coach Lucy Sheridan Shares Her Happy Skin Tips

Lucy Sheridan is a life coach and the world’s first Comparison Coach. Her mission is to help her followers and clients find inner peace, achieve their goals – not worrying about what everyone else is doing – and ultimately to cure their own comparison. Her advice? Be less ‘them’ & more ‘you’. We spoke to Lucy to discover the link between how we’re feeling and how our skin behaves, in the final instalment from our holistic experts blog series.


Pai: What are the potential negative impacts of stress and mental wellbeing on skin?

Lucy:Ultimately what we are feeling within us is reflected in our skin and this can tell us a lot about what is going on. Does our self care need a boost? Do we need to slow down a bit? Are we looking after ourselves? If we are not nourishing ourselves it can show through on our skin.’ 

P: How about the positive impacts mental wellbeing can have?

L: ‘When we are kind to ourselves and feeling in flow with our lives it’s impossible to ignore that glow on our skin.’

Life Coach and Comparison Coach Lucy Sheridan

P: What’s the one piece of advice you could give that’s related to happy healthy skin? 

L: ‘Invest in yourself and seek some specialist knowledge. I’m 36 and my skin has changed a lot in the last five years. Had I not found a brand like Pai and benefitted from a consultation I know my skin would not be as healthy as it is today.

Lucy Sheridan in consultation at the Pai Skincare Pop-up

P: What are your go-to skincare products?

L: ‘ I LOVE the Pai Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil.’

P: What’s the one skincare step you can’t live without?

L: ‘It has to be cleansing. A busy work life, heavy makeup some days, there’s nothing better than washing the day away and feeling new again.’

Life Coach and Comparison Coach Lucy Sheridan

P: What’s your experience with sensitive skin?

L: ‘My skin has sensitive phases that mean I have to ensure I’m thinking well ahead so I don’t get a flare up e.g. before being in the sun, I must moisturise within five minutes of getting out of the shower etc. If I’m stressed and it’s a certain time of my cycle I can break out across my neck and chin and this makes me feel really self-conscious.


P: Favourite mantra or quote?

L: ‘Dream it. Real life it.

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