Knowing and avoiding your Christmas skin triggers

Travelling home for the holidays, the stresses of endless shopping and hosting, plus a lot more fizz and eating out than normal can cause flare-ups and unpredictable skin at Christmas time.

Here are some of our most-trusted tips for knowing, understanding and avoiding those triggers this festive season.


Good quality sleep is essential for healthy skin. Our skin cells repair at double speed while we sleep and shut-eye also helps to regulate stress levels. If we’re stressed or tired, our natural defences are low and that can cause flare-ups. This is because the hormones affected by stress can cause the skin to slow down. Over time, your skin’s natural barrier won’t do its job properly and can become sensitive. In your diary try blocking out one evening per week in the run-up to Christmas for an early night, or restorative yoga class if you can.

Rest and relax over christmas


If you’re noticing unexplained breakouts on your cheeks, the culprit could be bacteria or build up on your mobile phone screen or makeup brushes. Make sure to give them a clean every few days, particularly during party season when makeup really steps up a notch! Removing heavy makeup properly is also key. Don’t be tempted to reach for makeup wipes! Instead treat your skin to a double cleanse to remove every last trace of makeup, whilst leaving your skin happy and hydrated. 

Festive feasting

Our skin acts as an excretory system to get rid of things that our body doesn’t agree with. So what we eat has a huge impact on how our skin behaves. Some studies have linked high GI food to flare-ups of inflammatory skin conditions, including acne. When you’re at home or in control of your own meal planning over the Christmas season, try opting for lower GI options and track any changes in your diary.

Christmas cookies


Not only is travelling in December stressful enough, flying will 100% have an effect on your skin too. The re-circulated, filtered air in planes is incredibly dry. As we breathe this air, our bodies become dehydrated from the inside out. Moisture is drawn out of the skin, leaving it tight and lacklustre. This rapid dehydration is a nightmare for all skin types, but in allergy sufferers already prone to dryness it can lead to excessively itchy, cracked or flaky skin.

Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your flight. And, if you can, bring a BioAffinity Tonic in your hand luggage. Their unique ‘living waters’ actively hydrate, brighten and soothe the skin, and feel so refreshing and cooling too.

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