How to keep skin calm on holiday

Sun, sea, sand…spots?

Holidays should be all about relaxing and recharging, but sensitive skin can really affect our ability to switch off.

From that prickly feeling that creeps up your neck when you’re stuck in airport traffic to uncomfortable, tight skin after flying – follow our top tips to avoid stressed out holiday skin.

Don’t ditch your routine

Turn off that alarm and forget about your commute, but don’t leave your usual routine at home.

Stick with your usual products to help minimise flare-ups and breakouts.

Embrace Technology

Make some space on your phone for travel-friendly apps to help minimise stress – a trigger for sensitive skin.

Nervous flyer? Try a mindfulness app like Headspace to help you relax.

Pack your own snacks

Our ability to taste is reduced at altitude, so aeroplane food is made extra salty or sweet.

Take along your own snacks (and plenty of water!) to help keep you hydrated and avoid blood sugar spikes. Try Tess Ward’s recipe for amped-up almonds.

Go easy on the sunshine

We all know too much sun is bad news for our skin, but it’s easy to be complacent once you’ve slathered on the suncream.

Make sure you’re applying SPF on easily missed areas like the back of the neck, tops of the feet and tops of the ears.

If the sun leaves you feeling prickly, find a shady spot between 11 am and 3 pm when rays are at their strongest and cover up with natural fibres like cotton and linen.

Happy travels!

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