Kate Middleton’s beauty secret revealed: ‘Organic’ hair dye

As the Duchess of Cambridge turns 30 the Daily Mail has revealed the secret behind those sleek and shiny locks – ‘organic’ hair dye.

Apparently Kate regularly tops up her vegetable-based lowlights at the Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa in Chelsea, in order to keep those dreaded grey hairs at bay!

While the Organic Colour Systems dye may include some certified organic ingredients it is far from synthetic-free, containing chemicals such as Triethanolamine and pigments such as 4-Amino-2-Hydroxytoluene.

Truth is that unless you opt for henna, even more ‘natural’ dyes must contain synthetics to have any level of performance – particularly for dark hair which is more difficult to colour.

Whatever she uses, it’s fair to say Kate is one of the great British beauties of the moment, and we wish her many happy returns! (sure she reads this blog all the time…)

In case you missed it last year, check out our blog on Kate: Style Princess – the beauty book that named Pai the go-to range for achieving Kate’s flawless complexion!

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