Join the Age Confidence revolution!

Here at Pai our mission has always been to help those with sensitive skin regain skin confidence.

This Spring, we’re widening our focus – turning our attention to all the women out there lacking in age confidence, and helping each one of you embrace your true beauty at every age.

How you feel about your age

After speaking to countless women and compiling months of research, we discovered that quite rightly, a huge 88% of women believe confidence, not youth is the secret to true beauty.

Brilliant! BUT – despite this, only 1 in 2 of you actually feels confident in your looks.

There’s a huge disconnect between how you feel and how you want to feel, and you’ve told us that this is partly down to the unrealistic and unachievable images of beauty you’re presented with day in, day out.

Not only are you tired of “anti-ageing” messages and images of “eternal youth”, you’re actually starting to resent them, as the lovely Alex Howe (35 years old) told us:

The thought of starting some anti-ageing battle is so depressing.  I don’t want to have to apologise for being me”.

Where does Pai come in?

I think that every woman should look and feel confident, comfortable and proud of the skin she’s in.

Pai is here to offer women an alternative, affirmative message – that true beauty has no age limit, especially when you carry yourself with confidence.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to teach you how to make the most of your skin in a natural, healthy way – whether through the quality products you pick, the super-skin foods you eat, or the positive way you look at yourself in the mirror.

As part of the campaign we will be offering skincare and lifestyle advice alongside words of wisdom from some of our age confidence beauty idols!

By the end of it, I won’t promise you’ll look ’10 years younger’, but I will guarantee you’ll look and feel fantastic in the skin you’re in – because you should never have to apologise for being you.

So, will you be joining Age Confidence revolution?

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