Is your skincare Genetically Modified?

We love how ingredients savvy Pai customers are – and one question we’re often asked is whether Pai products contains any Genetically Modified extracts.

While we’re all very familiar with the concept of GM foods, it’s a process that’s rarely connected with the beauty industry.

However there are various cosmetic ingredients that can come from GM sources, and while we’re not ingesting them directly some people may still wish to avoid these where possible.

According to

‘Cosmetic ingredients potentially derived from Genetically Modified Organisms include ingredients such as corn oil, corn flour, soybean oil, lecithin and proteins produced by yeast.’

If in doubt, go for a product that carries an organic certification kitemark.

As Pai is certified by the Soil Association, you can guarantee that absolutely none of our products contain GM ingredients.

We’re all about keeping things as pure as possible!

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