Is your skin dehydrated?

Ever thought you might have dehydrated skin? There’s lots of talk about dehydrated skin, especially at winter time. But how do you know if you actually have dehydrated skin?

The first thing to know is that dehydrated skin is different to dry skin. Dry skin is a skin type – it’s the skin that you’re born with or develops over the years. Dehydrated skin is a skin condition or temporary state that any skin type can suffer with.

Simply put, the difference is that dehydrated skin is lacking in moisture, whilst a dry skin type is lacking in oil.

It’s likely that you will have experienced dehydrated skin at one point or another, no matter what your skin type. Read on to find out easy ways to check if your skin is dehydrated, and what the common causes of dehydrated skin are.

Look and feel

Have a look in the mirror. Does your skin seem dull and papery? Does it ever feel tight? Particularly after cleansing? These are all the tell-tale signs of dehydration.

Those of us with sensitive skin are more prone to this kind of dehydration than others, as the skin’s barrier is already compromised so we’re more susceptible to this lack of moisture.

One way to check for sure is by doing the pinch test.

Gently lift the skin on your cheek with your forefinger and see if any horizontal lines show. If the skin is very dehydrated these lines may appear without even lifting the skin. The more lines you have when lifting the skin, the more dehydrated your skin is.

Another way to tell is when you apply your products. Dry skin will be slow to absorb them. Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is really thirsty and will drink them up quickly.

The moisture-sappers

Some of the key culprits in causing dehydrated skin include:

(1) Air conditioning and central heating

Though central heating and air-con make things a lot more comfortable in cold or hot weather, they could be responsible for depleting your precious moisture levels.

(2) Sun exposure

Known to be damaging to skin, it’s UVA that is the main factor here. Spending too much time in the sun will ultimately cause your skin to dehydrate from the inside out.

(3) Harsh skincare products

If you’re using products that are too harsh, they could be stripping your skin of its natural moisture levels.

The best way to tackle dehydration is from the inside-out. Up your intake of water and fluids. Keep an eye on how much alcohol and coffee you’re drinking. Also making sure you eat plenty of water-rich fruit, vegetables and omegas to give your skin a much-needed hydration hit.

Our Back to Life Hydration Serum will also give dehydrated skin that moisture boost. The lightweight formula penetrates the skin deeply and quickly to provide long-lasting hydration without irritation.

If you’re confused over your skin type, remember the team at Pai are sensitive skin experts and are always here to help.

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